• Biogel Pads

    Brand/Retailer: 3D Beauty / Lash Affair by JP
    Category: Gel Pads

    10 Pairs included. Chemical-free. Pre-Cut. Fiberless. No tape required. 5 sheets. Each sheet comes with two pairs attached. Intended for lash extension professionals only.

  • BELLA LASH Diamond Adhesive

    Brand/Retailer: BellaLash
    Category: Adhesives

    Bella Lash’s newest adhesive is designed specifically for advanced eyelash extension technicians – with a 2 second drying time. The Bella Diamond Adhesive offers: • Lightning fast dry time • Maximum eyelash extension bond – 40% better retention than industry standards • 6-8 week retention • Works for both volume and classic lashing • Latex and formaldehyde free All of Read more [...]

  • BST 5B Tweezer

    Brand/Retailer: BST/LASHFX
    Category: Tweezers
    Price (USD): $10

    BST 5B tweezers are precision made to swiss standards. Bent at a 45 degree angle, they are similar to a ESD-17. Approximately 120 cm in length. Suitable for volume applications or classic and is often used as both an isolation and application tweezer.

  • The Lash Exchange Dumont SS/45 Isolation Tweezer

    Brand/Retailer: Dumont / The Lash Exchange
    Category: Tweezers
    Price (USD): $60

    Dumont tweezers are Swiss made ultra lightweight and extremely durable. Each pair is hand tested for full volume capacity. Volume lash artistry requires needle fine precision which Dumont is famous for. We guarantee each volume pair has been tested to pick up volume fans with the finest .05 lashes. The SS/45 isolating tweezer has the perfection tension for quick and Read more [...]

  • EBL Pink Eyepads

    Brand/Retailer: EBL Lashes
    Category: Gel Pads
    Price (USD): $5.55

    Eye pads are used to hold down the clients natural lashes. They give the client a painless removal and are so comfortable for them during the treatment. EBL Pink eye pads are are non slip, the perfect thickness, are stretchy to help fit the eye and do not cause stinging to the client. EBL Pink Eye pads are collagen pads Read more [...]

  • Lash Map Stickers

    Brand/Retailer: Lash Affair
    Category: Accessories
    Price (USD): $25

    1 pack = 9 designs. Plus 1 page of Blank Designs! Each design has 24 pairs. That’s 240 pairs per pack! Lash Map Designs: Cat Eye, Dramatic, Full Effect, Glamour, Kardashian, Natural, Open Eye, Scalloped, Wave Effect, Blank [polldaddy poll=9414542]

  • Lash Makers Instant Bond Adhesive

    Brand/Retailer: LashMakers
    Category: Adhesives
    Price (USD): $50

    Impeccable, medical grade adhesive. Has a strong bonding period of up to 4-5 weeks. Fast drying time of 1-2 seconds for smooth and quick lash application. Jet black in color, liquid consistency. Lash Maker’s personal all times favorite formula. •Quick dry time (1-2 sec) •Strong Bonding •Retention (up to 5 weeks) •Latex/Formaldehyde Free •Thin/low Viscosity •Can be used for Classic Read more [...]

  • LashWrap Squares

    Brand/Retailer: LashWrap
    Category: Accessories
    Price (USD): $8.95

    Keep your strips of eyelashes organized and easily accessible with this plastic tray that fits perfectly to the LashWrap. With the LashWrap, applying eyelash extensions is easier and faster. We believe that it’s the little things that matter most, and our passion is helping lash professionals around the world make more time for what is most important.

  • LashWrap

    Brand/Retailer: LashWrap
    Category: Accessories
    Price (USD): $39.95

    The LashWrap is the patent-pending product that is changing the industry! Applying eyelash extensions no longer needs to be a hassle. Made out of nylon and spandex so your hand can breathe, the LashWrap is the perfect addition to any beauty technician’s tool kit. When you purchase the LashWrap it will come in a box with the wrap itself, a Read more [...]


    Brand/Retailer: My Brand Lashes
    Category: Accessories
    Price (USD): $25

    Chatty Kathy Lip Masks are a fabulous add-on service for the client who wants fuller, softer lips. Also for clients who are a bit too CHATTY thus making lash application a nightmare! #notwitchyeyes! We know as lash artists we need our clients to hold very still so that we can work efficiently. What better combo than a quiet client who Read more [...]


    Brand/Retailer: Stella Lash / The Lash Exchange
    Category: Accessories

    This product is a FIRST for the lash industry. This nebulizer was designed by Stephanie Altieri, an innovator and leader in the beauty industry. This nebulizer provides a controlled vapor that is not only refreshing for your client, but cures the lashes to perfection. This eliminates the risk of over-curing or “blooming” of the adhesive. No spray or water drops Read more [...]

  • Sugarlash PRO V45 Volume Pickup Tweezers

    Brand/Retailer: Sugarlash PRO
    Category: Tweezers
    Price (USD): $37

    Custom developed by SugarLash for Professional Lash Stylists. Designed for precision and comfort, SugarLash PrecisionTweezers are your best choice for high quality, high precision stainless steel tweezers specially designed for Professional Lash Stylists. Featuring a clamp-like head to gain control over fine diameter lash extensions (0.07, 0.06, 0.05) for multi-lash pick up. The soft spring is designed to reduce hand Read more [...]

  • Telesight Half Frame Magnifiers

    Brand/Retailer: Telesight / GladLash
    Category: Accessories
    Price (USD): $36.99

    The Telesight Half Frame Magnifier is the perfect pair of light-weight frames. Comfortable with flip-up optical quality lenses, they have an abrasion-resistant hard coating and sure to reduce eyestrain. Please note, lenses are not interchangeable. Purchase is for one pair of half-frames with magnification lenses attached.

  • Vivienne Expert

    Brand/Retailer: The Lash Shop
    Category: Adhesives
    Price (USD): $35

    EXPERT – this glue was made based on adhesive Elite, but slightly modified.It is thin liquid, it is not as instantaneous coupling like Elite, but also very fast, it is more flexible then Elite and you have just a second to adjust the lashes if needed, where as Elite you don’t. For those that Elite Adhesive is too fast then Read more [...]