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    • Intro to Volume
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    for the rest of 2018 for private classes i

    Barbicde and Barbicide II, and the Tray you soak your tweezers in can be purchased from Sally’s, Qosmedix, Amazon, Salon Centric (just google it!) Via @ebllashes
    I am goin

    🎟Tix are reduced until August 15th- so hurry!
    🎫its a lash conference with educational speakers AND a competition happe

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    This is a loaded topic so I’ll only get into a few points:
    👉🏾If you are interested in getting into lashing, the first thing to do is confirm you’re even allowed to do it in

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  • #LASH411Funnies | double fisting with 2 lash wands thank you very much 💁🏾‍♀️
    Via @mehaekim
    Lashes & Brows by me 🔥She came in today and said omg I love reading @lash411 posts 🤣 my clients know what’s up!

  • #LASH411Inspiration | Bc @sprinkleofjesus quotes are always relevant…growing feels like breaking at first…learning to lash feels like punishment at first, but then the results of practice show growth (look at

  • #LASH411Kids | Please go watch my story! She’s been watching me do her moms lashes since she was 6, and today she said “teach me!”
    She just asked me if she could borrow “Debbie” too, as if she’s going to practice

  • #LASH411 | do you shop @Qosmedix? If not, you should. Why? Because there are plenty of supplies and products for Lash Artist Professionals in bulk and wholesale, great pricing for those disposable items we use

  • #shareLASH411 | for volume glue dip video, click link in bio > Tips n Tricks or search “glue dip” on 👉🏾via @lashjoy_
    Follow #60secondlashtutorial for more expert lash tips from leading Lash Ed

  • #LASH411 | Comment when you realize what’s happened here.
    🤦🏾‍♀️holy shh y’all😱 are we skipping learning off YouTube altogether and going straight savage now?
    Shout out to @jaysinclaire for putting me on… 👉

  • #LASH411 | Recently a lash artist messaged me that he and his fiancé love to listen my LIVEs together and that they both lash! (heyyyy @lashesbyfelix @_tylerjuarez 😘) aside from the fact that it’s rare to se

  • #shareLASH411 | can I get a V for Volume? If you symmetrically manipulate the 2-6 extensions into a “fan”, or a V, then you got Volume babi 😉 we are all working on symmetry, but that example to the right isn’t

  • #shareLASH411 | Watch Elena show you how to do this in my IGTV 😉
    ViA @lashmakers
    Did you know we make all our tweezers soft tension so you can adjust them to exact tightness you like once you receive them?

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    #LASH411 | messed up that fan? Took too much glue? Didn’t place it close enough? every single eyelash (and client) is an opportunity to practice:
    ▫️Adhesive dip

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    Mama, we made it!
    I thank all 50K of you 🙏🏾 this is a very nice anniversary present, and early birthday present❤️so here’s a present for 5 of you:
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  • Repost from 2016 – relevant AF today. #LASH411

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  • 2 DAYS AGO was LASH411’s 3rd birthday on Instagram, and we’re almost to 50K(👂did I hear giveaway?)
    This was my very first post.❤️
    🙏🏾I sincerely thank you all for your support and following☺️

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