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#LASH411 | when the classic and volume newbies ask me what they can do to get faster and the only appropriate answer is: time + experience, in other words, KEEP fn DOING IT! FYI – I have been classic lashing for 5 years, and volume lashing for 4.
☝🏾one of the issues could very likely be that you convinced yourself that lashes would be easy AF to do…and you done lied to yourself- it’s NOT easy. Trust – I was definitely someone who thought this before my first class.
👉🏾In your first 3 -6 months of lashing(classic OR volume), you are going to be 🐢 slow, and if you don’t practice consistently, you will be 🐌 slow – IT’S INEVITABLE and it happens to EVERYONE.
👉🏾if you’re between 6 mos -1 year, maybe your full set time is down to 2-2.5 hrs and now you’re ready to implement some more time efficient methods to complete your set. If you need help with this, book a Mentorship call with me.
🗣CONSISTENCY is what everyone needs when learning something new – you have to keep doing it to learn more about it, to get faster at it – like anything else you learn for the first time. Do you think a surgeon with 1 yr experience can perform their first few surgeries flawlessly and in the same amount of time as a Surgeon who has 15 years experience? NOPE! 🙇🏾‍♀️These last 2 days were an awesome reminder of how far I’ve come and how hard and discouraging it can be for a new artist just starting out. I remember being in groups seeing Artists say they did a classic set in 90m- 2 hrs and thinking “how the 🤬 did she do that?” And then one day I became her.
💁🏾‍♀️I did a demonstration yesterday and put 30minutes on the clock and by the end, the model looked like a she was in for a fill. The student takes over and it took almost 2 hours to accomplish what I did in 30m – THIS IS TO BE EXPECTED, but guess what? with time + experience, one day, she will be like me.
❗️If you EXPECT to breeze through a set WITHOUT putting in the practice, you will FAIL every time.
❕You’re cold(slow)…you need to warm up(practice) so you can be hot(fast) all the time – make sense?
👩🏾‍🏫For private training or Mentorship, click the link in bio > LASH411 Education or email [email protected]

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