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#LASH411Repost | I wrote and posted this back in November 2015. I no longer use the Tweezer mentioned below but it is still on my stash- DUST YO TWEEZERS off and get busy😏 ・・・

I have a lot of tweezers laying around, and yet only 1 go to #volumetweezer- a BST 6A, the coveted volume TWEEZER. I know, though, in order to be a well rounded #lashartist, I owe it to myself to build my #dexterity with other #lashtools, because well, there’ll come a time when my BST 6A isn’t handy, and I’ll have to adapt. For at least 30 minutes a day, I practice with my other tweezers, not only with the intent to improve my comfort level, but to also work on #speed, #fanning & #pickup. I try not to do more than 30 min so I don’t burn out, as if 8 hrs daily on client isn’t enough right?
FYI- I forgot my #magnifiers and had regular lighting, otherwise, I probably would have got a few more fans in🙃

PS- I was trying to hold out and make my 200th post the 2K glamcor announcement, but I couldn’t leave y’all hanging..😘 wer’e almost there!

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