Oh, biogelpads, how I love thee, let me count the ways:
1️⃣Lift saggy lids
2️⃣Stretch the lashline to separate the naturallashes
3️⃣Tape back extensions to expose unbonded natural lashes, or
4️⃣tape back top lashes to get to bottoms.
Like with any gel pad, tape down the bottom lashes to work on the top.

Each sheet comes with 4 pads, or 2 pair. Ironically, I don’t use these to tape down bottom lashes. While they’ll stay put, are lightweight and super flexible, I prefer a firmer pad surface to push my isolating tweezers against. When I have used them as under eye gel pads, my clients would say they could tell the difference and that it felt like nothing was there. These are also NOT to be confused with the similarly silicone gel pads.
🛍I get mine from @lashaffairbyjp (10 for $10), use code ‘lash411’
🏢A few known retailers: #3dbeauty #lashaffair #mybrandlashes #borboletabeauty #sugarlashpro #thelashcollection #gladlash #lashbase
If you know of other retailers, leave a comment and #shareLASH411
🔍Search LASH411.INFO “biogel”

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