#shareLASH411 | LAYERS exist people! And if you learn how to work them right, your looks will be 💣
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Most clients natural lashes have layers. You can use these different layers to achieve distinct lash looks. 🌟3 dimensional lash sets are create to mimic the appearance of Strip Lashes. In order to recreate the strips you need to add different diameters, curls, and lengths to your lash set.
🌈Top layer is reserved for the lash extensions with the most curl I.E. your D Curl Lashes. This gives you the lift and curl needed so you can differentiate the different layers. This is the layer where you achieve your wispiness by using longer lengths, 2x longer than you will be using for the 2nd and 3rd layers.
🌪For the 2nd and 3rd layers you will be using a lesser curl I.E. C curl. This is the layer where you achieve the density of the Volume Lashes. You can use 5D if using Pre-Made Fans or more if making handmade volume fans.
⭐️It is so important that you understand that in order to create a dimensional set that you have to visually see the layers of the lashes so you can properly place the correct lashes. So before you start your set take the time to examine your clients lashes in order to see their lash layers.

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