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I know, I know – something is wrong. Your clients are coming back for their fills, looking like a full set. Neither of you has changed anything, and they usually have good retention, but now something’s different, what is it? Well, tis the season, darlings, for longer days, hotter weather, higher humidity, sweat, SPF, oily lids, and all that means is… aftercare MUST be on point. And guess what? The adhesive you use during other seasons, may not be right for the summer months and your working conditions, so here a few bullets on what you and your clients can do to improve summer retention:

🌡Use a hygrometer to determine your room’s temperature and humidity and check against your adhesive’s requirements. Even the slightest variance for some adhesives is a deal breaker.
☀️If your humidity is over 60%, get a dehumidifier from Walmart or Amazon.
❄️Keep your room between 68-74F. Turn the AC on!
⚪️Replace your adhesive drop more frequently than usual, maybe every 15-20 vs every 20-30m. Shake for 60s before each dispense.
💍 Use a glue ring to keep your glue fresher longer. ⚫️Use a LITTLE more adhesive, and isolate before you dip.
🛀Have your clients cleanse their lashes thoroughly before the appointment. Watch them too to make sure they are doing it properly so you know how they do it at home.

🛁Cleanse religiously – if it was every other day, now it’s every day. If it was once a day, now it’s 2x a day(midday and eve) – protect your investment!
👁If you have oily lids, blot them throughout the day.
🏊‍♂️Days at the pool/beach including SPF and chlorine/saltwater = cleansing your lashes immediately after.

🗣To my experienced lash bosses, if I forgot anything, please include it below👇🏾in a comment.

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