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🤢Before you zoom in and puke 🤮This is an example of WHYYYYYYYYYYYY it is so important to clean your lashes EVERYDAY this clients Lashes were just falling out in clumps because not only were the extensions improperly applied at another location (not our work) she had not cleansed her Lash line in 8 months! She was told to never get them wet
This is an example of a client NOT cleaning her Lashes and bacteria, oils, mites, and all that waxy build clogged the follicles 🤢Daily build up creates a barrier between the papilla bulb which contains a cells that need a healthy environment to grow a healthy, deep rooted hair
🤮the build up along the Lash line inhibits the follicle of growing a healthy Lash and can lead to eye infections not limited to itching, dry eyes, redness, and bacterial infections.
🤕This build up also breaks down the bond between extensions and natural lashes as the natural oils from your body and any Makeup dissolves the bond causing your extensions to pop off prematurely.
🛀 Your extensions will last longer if you keep your lashes clean, daily.

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