#LASH411Business | so yesterday I had this one on one conversation with myself, it went like this:
Me: bitch, you are behind on itemizing your transactions in Quickbooks
Also me: I know 😩
Me again: wtf are you behind a whole quarter??
Me: bc I’m my own boss, I’ll get to it when I get to it, I answer to no one, nobody to tell me what to do, who gon check me boo?
If you work alone, like me, you might also manage your own books too. There was a time where cash only was easy but that’s not running a business, umm hello, how you paying taxes on a cash only business? Or are you ?🤫😶 I like to know how much I’m spending on shipping, in merchant fees, or retail sales tax did you know those were tax deductible?
💩Join me at @lash.con Oct 19-21 in Pasadena, as I go over the importance of and how to maintain your accounting and expenses- whether you do it or someone else does.
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