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So can we all agree that Instagram keeps us on our toes? Give me a 🙋🏼‍♀️ emoji if you agree! (swipey swipe lol lots to see)

I cover this in my courses and workshops into more detail! I wanted to make it short and sweet but honestly when it comes to creating content, that’s not a thing.. especially of value!

I actually love this shit. Really. I just don’t have patience for it most days 🤣

》STORYLUXE : This is how all the cool people are doing it these days. Borders/ custom branding (put your own business name on it) collages and lots more. There’s another app called UNFOLD but Storyluxe wins the race on this one.

》VSCO: I’ve been using this gem for a hot minute now. It literally has alllllll the filters in the world that you need. You can also modify them! From contrast to grain to shadows to making you a IG model. 🤷🏼‍♀️ lol

》FACETUNE2: You having a bad hair day? This app can fix it. Have that one lash on your clients cheek that is ruining your life? Consider it done. Want a new color eyeballs? Got that too. Seriously it’s magic. It takes a minute to get use to it and I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos on it. This is what changed my photo game hands down!

》CANVA: Must have to create cool content. It literally gives you thousands of templates that you can switch out and throw your own spin on it! You can also do your branding on there and keep going with consistent colors throughout. Want to post a promotional flyer? Canva. Any kind of graphics this app has it for you

》MOJO: The cutest app name lol! I don’t even know how to describe this app honestly cause it’s mind blowing. It also has templates that you can customize!along with fonts and stock photos. Different layouts, add text, music to your ig stories. Scroll to the last one to see! It
Cut it off because it’s for IG stories but you get the gist of it.

Dang this was a long ass post lol. Anyways if this helped let me know! If you need help let me know as well and I gotchuuu. 💕



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