The mfn #LASHLOVE is real beeches! I probably say that any time I come from an event where y’all charge me up with yo love..hehe. You know why events like this are fun? Because you’re in a room with other like minded people who get your inner #lashnerd🤓
To everyone who came and introduced yourself – THANK YOU for your support, and coming to #thebeautyfactor2019. It’s rare I get to interact with the LASH411 following in person, but what a blessing it was to be surrounded by my peers and folks who are genuinely passionate about our profession, and becoming a better lash artist and businesswoman(or man 😏) Last year I was invited to Judge, and the week of the event my moms cancer decided to spread itself to her brain, and that took precedent over my attending the event – I totally killed the vibe there, but that’s my truth🤷🏾‍♀️ If I missed you last year, my sincere apologies. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be invited back, and this time as a Speaker.

@natalialovaofficial since I’ve met you, you have been nothing short of SWEET + generous. You exude positivity, and your energy is light. A sincere thank YOU for being a force, for organizing an amazing event with your team of professionals(Oxana + Pascha especially ❤️) and providing another valuable educational forum for our industry. This was an amazing contribution.
@peace_lash 🙏🏾thank you for live streaming my speech and baring with the bossy ones in the comments 😂 📸For some footage, check out my 19 Beauty Factor Highlight.
(I didn’t get a lot of pics on my phone so if you have some, tag me when you post!)




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