Peep my story for today’s removal.
2 things that are wrong in this old video from 2015 – you should use a disposable tool like a flocktip or microbrush to apply the remover, and do not dip directly into the container, instead take out what you’ll use and put it in a glue ring, or other clean surface.✌🏾
ANY CREAM REMOVER will do, doesn’t matter the brand.

There are 2 safe ways to remove eyelash extensions: letting them shed naturally or seeing a professional lash artist for removal. There are 3 types of removers: cream, gel, liquid. With gels and liquids, you should elevate your clients so the solution does not seep into their eyes. If it does, have saline wash ready for eye flush bc that shh will burn like a mofo!! I used Vivienne cream remover for this client, patting it on the bases, and agitating every few minutes to loosen the adhesive as it breaks down. You’ll see the remover left a white residue(L eye) on the lashes. After cleansing, if you still see the white flakes, there is still adhesive/remover on the lashes.
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