Pardon my French in the video🤭 LIVE was 🔥 today 💩. As a lash artist, do you use your tweezers on open eyes?
As a client, have you seen tweezers coming towards you and feeling terrified?

As a lash artist, I have experienced this cautious feeling of using tweezers near open eyes. But it was the moment I as a client experienced it – it was fn terrifying. I literally saw my lash career go out the window bc all I could think was “what if this shhh drops in my eyes right now”…all the while we’re using these tweezers when my eyes are closed so what’s the difference right? It’s Just as dangerous right? Umm..eyelid skin and the sense of sight is the fn difference! If I can see the danger I tense up and the lid shields my eye(to some degree, though it is still the thinnest skin on our bodies). I have pricked myself on tweezer tips and drawn blood, I’ve definitely nicked a clients forehead before…
👁all I’m saying is – keep clients eyes closed when tweezers are near them. 👉🏾Use tape(destick it first – and not on your hand!) or #biogelpads to tape back the top lashes to undo stickies or any problems with the bottoms.



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