#LASH411 | sound on! A little iso ASMR
This was a students lashes – like, that’s her eye there and that’s me trying to isolate. She was in for a private course and let me look at her lashes. Her lashes were done by her lash “Artist” who was also her trainer 😳😶😐 you read that right. Too many things I could say but here’s what it comes down to: if your work looks like this, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS “TRAINING” OTHERS. In fact, YOU need another class and more practice.
👉🏾this is MY opinion, I feel this must be a standard for anyone who is serious about being an educator: you are responsible for your students and what you teach them, after all, they are a reflection of you. Within your power, you should prep students as much as possible for clients – for the sake of the clients lash health and our reputation in the beauty industry- ie what clients think of eyelash extensions. If you put out bad work, your students will potentially put out bad work and the cycle will never be broken until they take a class with an educator who cares. We don’t need the blind leading the blind, especially when what we do could make someone go blind – hello! I could go on all day, but I’ll stop here.
👩🏾‍🏫For private mentorship and courses, tap link on bio. PS- I do not mentor creating your own education program. WHY? Bc if you’re one of those people who has no business training, that convo will be awkward AF and I’d rather not.



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