#shareLASH411 | over the last couple of weeks I’ve been visiting the team @getluminous for a LASH411 Studio Consult and when I post them to my stories the first question that comes up is “where can I find those glasses or the pieces added on?” @erikamenanteaux was kind enough to write up a blurb for y’all:
💰Loupes are expensive. They are definitely an investment in your lash career. When I got my loupes 6 years ago mine cost about $1400. Now, they have special programs for Lash Artists so they come in under $1000 depending on if you want to add lights or different frames. Plus they have great payment plans to make it super affordable.
🔌It’s super easy to work with the company @designs4vision. If you call the number they will connect you with a rep. They have reps nationwide. The rep will call you back and set up an appointment to come and measure you for your loupes.
📏I’d recommend having a model on your table and being sure that you are set up to work correctly with minimal strain. That way your rep can measure you for a very comfortable Height and distance from your client.
📐Since these loupes are custom measured they give you maximum comfort. They have a great guarantee so they are easy and quick to get fixed if there’s an issue.
They do take a few days to get used to but that’s no big deal compared to the relief you will feel in your back and neck.




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